Financial Feasibility - Be’er Sheva Campus - JNF


Jewish National Fund-USA requested KPMG-Israel to conduct an analysis of the financial feasibility of the proposed Be’er Sheva Campus. KPMG studied the feasibility of the three components of the proposed Campus and determined that each element of the Campus can reasonably be expected to be financially feasible. These include:

A second Alexander Muss High School in Israel Campus to accommodate 3,000-5,000 students annually across both its existing Ho Ha’Sharon and the Be’er Sheva campuses.

A 75-room facility to fill the void in Be’er Sheva specifically and in the Negev in general of high-quality accommodations for missions and trips, educational retreats, and similar non-profit organizational activities.

A technology campus for U.S. post-college students to serve as interns in Be’er Sheva-based technology employers.