Envision Tomorrow's Israel - Zionist Village Design Competition

Envision Tomorrow’s Israel

Voting has ended! Winners will be announced on August 20.

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Located in the desert city of Be’er Sheva, Israel, this 20 acre village will serve as an ecosystem of Zionist engagement including Jewish National Fund’s high school abroad, a program for post-college graduates to pursue yearlong internships at leading high tech companies, and an Adult Education Center to convene adults, congregations, teachers, all to revolutionize Zionist and Jewish educational engagement for the decades ahead.

Competition Announcement:12/02/20Awards:
Early Registration Opening:12/03/201st place:$5,000
Submission Opening:02/04/212nd place:$2,500
Submission Deadline:06/18/213rd place:$1,800
Announcement of finalists/Begin People’s Choice:07/16/21Honorable mention:$1,000
Last day to vote for People’s Choice:08/13/21
Results:08/20/21People’s Choice Award:$3,600
Registration fee:None



Jewish National Fund (JNF) invites all architects, students, designers, ‘big thinkers’, educators and landscape architects from around the world 18 years and older to submit ideas for its World Zionist Village.

Call for Ideas

Envision Tomorrow’s Israel aims to solicit ideas for key elements of this Village including dormitories, high school classrooms, conference center space, café’s, houses of worship, outdoor gardens, or entranceways. Additionally, JNF seeks a unique design concept — an iconic structure — as a means for attracting people to the desert city of Be’er Sheva.

Guiding Principles

Submissions should be guided by JNF’s mission to support conversation, education and encourage interaction among the Village users. Submissions should be guided by the theme of Zionism, Judaism, innovation, desert environment, and cutting-edge ideas to mitigate climate impact and sustainability.


How does the design integrate to the region of Be’er Sheva? The Middle East? How does the design amplify the history and modern-day relevance of Zionism? How does the design raise questions about identity? Encourage safe space for engagement? How does the design encourage a stimulating and immersive learning environment when studying about Israel IN Israel? How does the design harness Israel’s innovative culture as it relates to reducing the need for non-renewable energy resources? How does the design act as a gateway into JNF’s activities in the Negev?

Submission Requirements

Submissions should be limited to 8 ½ x 11 image containing necessary imagery to convey the design or idea (rendering, sketch, diagram, narrative or other; PDF files only, no more than 20MB). Graphic renderings need not be to scale.

Evaluation Criteria

Entrants are encouraged to consider functionality and aesthetics in developing their design concepts. Original, creative design idea solution explanations are desired. Design ideas should demonstrate incorporation of the Guiding Principles and include energy/environmental concepts and ease of maintenance.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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