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Growing our Professional Team

An initiative of this magnitude needs consummate professionals at the helm, starting with a well-designed roadmap for development planning and management. We chose DBI Projects to chart our course and they worked closely with our various committees to synthesize the project’s objectives and findings, enhance the focus on the core mission, and develop a construction pro forma, budget, and timeline. We are now administering a Request for Quote (RFQ) to procure the master plan design team and have identified 40 firms from around the world who will take part in this process. We will, of course, share any news as it unfolds.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the addition of two key positions as we move this project forward: Ira Green, a seasoned corporate leader in multiple industries, has been named Chief Executive Officer, and Jewish National Fund-USA veteran fundraiser Boaz Meir as international Development Director of the Village.

Ira Green served as Deputy CEO and CFO of the Arava Power Company, the first solar energy company in Israel. He also co-founded GG Energy Holdings and Gigawatt Global, companies that focused on developing renewable energy projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America with both commercial and utility customers.

Prior to these efforts, he served as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Finance at ZAG Industries, leading the company to sales growth of over 300%. Before making Aliya from the USA, he worked in the banking industry.

“I see the World Zionist Village as Jewish National Fund-USA’s ‘Living Lab’ for the future of Zionism and Israel,” said Green. “I am seeking to develop the World Zionist Village to give expression to all the great technical and cultural developments in Israel and provide an opportunity for global engagement in all the exciting innovations in high-tech, ag-tech, food-tech, and education that the organization has been philanthropically supporting.”

Boaz Meir

Boaz Meir formerly led Jewish National Fund-USA’s Mountain States region for nine years. In 2019, he also assumed responsibility for fundraising in the Pacific Northwest and, in a short time, built that campaign to a seven-figure sum annually while also developing a team of local lay leaders. In addition, Meir served as the lead professional of the organization’s Gaza Envelope Task Force.

“I am beyond humbled to accept this challenge and responsibility that marks the next chapter in a conversation our organization’s founding father, Theodor Herzl, started over 120 years ago,” said Meir. “As an Israeli and a proud member of the Jewish people, I want my own children and future generations across the world to grow up and be proud of their Zionism, Judaism and heritage. Our World Zionist Village will achieve this and so much more.”