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Envision Tomorrow’s Israel

A Competition to Design the Jewish National Fund-USA World Zionist Village.

Congratulations to our winners.

Congratulations to JNF-USA’s World Zionist Village’s design competition winners – the best of over 100 entries from more than 60 countries. Please view the First, Second, Third Place winners, Honorable Mention, and the winner of our People’s Choice Award, that got 60,894 views and 6,267 votes in total!

First Place Winner

Sam Wieder Yeshaya Shor Geury Delacruz

S. Wieder Architect PC

Samuel Wieder, Yeshaya Shor, and Geury Delacruz
New York, United States

People’s Choice Award Winner

Susana Adina

Susana Merenfeld Weisleder and Adina Kaufman

Florida, United States

Second Place Winner

Raphael Fogel

Raphael Fogel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Third Place Winner

Leora Niderberg Narkis Joffe

Leora Niderberg and Narkis Joffe

Tel Aviv, Israel

Honorable Mention

Yuxiang Chen Ariane Harrison Donghan Kang

Harrison Atelier

Yuxiang Chen, Ariane Harrison, and Donghan Kang
China; United States; South Korea

Thank You To Our Jurors

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February 6, 2024
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February 8, 2024
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