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50th Anniversary Icon Design Competition

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Title: Adam Weiner
Author: Jason Karlin
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Adam Weiner

Metro Detroit, MI​

What is your connection to AMHSI?

I heard about the contest through friends.

Why did you decide to enter this contest?

I found this logo design competition as a unique way to contribute to the greater Jewish world. Specifically, through the intersection of graphic design and the education of the next generation into our future leaders and Israel advocates.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

I wanted to create something that is as unique, bold and dynamic as the students that AMHSI shapes into the next generation of leaders, not only through instruction but also experience. That’s why I used a combination of basic shapes to symbolize the building blocks of education as well as the 5 horizontal lines that represent the 5 decades since AMHSI’s establishment. I also incorporated the colors of the AMHSI logo, those of the Israeli flag and the Magen David which underscores the school’s direct connection to the Jewish homeland. Though celebrating the last 50 years, the bold iconography is also meant to inspire its viewer to envision the next 50.