Laurie Romberg - 50th Anniversary Icon Design Competition - Be'er Sheva

50th Anniversary Icon Design Competition

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Title: Laurie Romberg
Author: Jason Karlin
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Laurie Romberg

Evergreen, CO

What is your connection to AMHSI?

I don’t have a direct connection to AMHSI, but feel connected through their mission. Having been to Israel myself, and two daughters participating in a Birthright trip, I understand the importance of Jews around the world connecting with Israel and their own heritage.

Why did you decide to enter this contest?

I submitted an entry because I am a graphic designer of 20 plus years and love to create messaging through words and graphics. The icon gave me an opportunity and challenge to really hone in on creating a strong statement in a compact area. I also felt connected because of my Jewish family and my own experience in Israel.

What was the inspiration behind your design?

My inspiration came from the pictures and words from the design competition and website. They told a story of young people from around the world coming together, creating community around their shared heritage and faith. The relationships forged during these formative years are strong as is the impact of academic excellence. This school allows students to discover the many dimensions of what it is to be Jewish.