D. Hammerman & S. Drouin - People’s Choice Awards - Be'er Sheva

People’s Choice Awards

Jewish National Fund-USA Envision Tomorrow’s Israel competition for its World Zionist Village in Be’er Sheva received over 100 entries from more than 60 countries! The judges selected the top three winners as well as an honorary mention. Voting for the People’s Choice Awards closed on August 13, 2021 at 11:59 pm (ET). All winners will be announced on August 20. Stay tuned!

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Title: D. Hammerman & S. Drouin
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Daniel Serge

AtelierTek Architects

Daniel Hammerman and Serge Drouin
New York, United States

Israel is a magical, essential place in the mind, in the heart, and on the ground; core to individual and shared identity. Livnot u'lehibanot, we build it and are built by it. As architects, we embrace the chance to form that which can be formative. We are passionately excited by the vision of a new, vibrant place for the ingathering of many generations and perspectives, from near and far, to meet and exchange ideas, share experiences, expand horizons by looking back and looking forward, connect and reconnect with the land and people of Israel, and strengthen community and understanding. From Abraham to Ben- Gurion, from the past to the future, the Negev is a critical locus, a place to flourish—physically, culturally, intellectually, spiritually. Making the desert bloom, literally and metaphorically, is a continual accomplishment and aspiration. Despite harsh conditions, Be'er Sheva is a place that always has, and with our efforts always will shelter and sustain, and is deeply rooted in ancient and modern history, ecology and technology. Like Israel as a whole, its challenges and constraints promise opportunity. We are humbled and thrilled at the prospect of giving form to the vision, to conceive, develop and realize architecture that is environmentally, socially and culturally regenerative.

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