L. Niderberg & N. Joffe - People’s Choice Awards - Be'er Sheva

People’s Choice Awards

Jewish National Fund-USA Envision Tomorrow’s Israel competition for its World Zionist Village in Be’er Sheva received over 100 entries from more than 60 countries! The judges selected the top three winners as well as an honorary mention. Voting for the People’s Choice Awards closed on August 13, 2021 at 11:59 pm (ET). All winners will be announced on August 20. Stay tuned!

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Title: L. Niderberg & N. Joffe
Author: Jason Karlin
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Leora Niderberg Narkis Joffe

Leora Niderberg and Narkis Joffe

Tel Aviv, Israel

Having spent my entire childhood in the United States actively engaged in Zionist youth groups—as a camper, counselor, division head and finally as national programming director—I am so excited by the wholesome and dynamic learning environment that the World Zionist Village will offer teens. For me, the heart of the Zionist project is family, community, and coming home. While visits to Israel had a strong impact on my Zionist values, it was not until I actually lived here during my gap year, and experienced these qualities, that I decided to build my life in Israel. As an architect and an informal educator, I love that the Village will enable a spectrum of people, at different points in their lives and careers, to create a vibrant community, learning and growing together…building a home.—Leora Niderberg

My grandparents, Holocaust survivors who experienced firsthand the battles of independence, were among the founders of this amazing country. They, and my parents, raised me on the values of Judaism and Zionism—values that I am excited will be experienced, and not simply taught, at the World Zionist Village. As an architect and a resident of Southern Israel, I am especially excited that the Village will be in Be'er Sheva, because this unique city is truly the heart of the Zionist project—whether looking at its historical roots or its contributions to Israel's agricultural and technological innovations today. From my work teaching technology, entrepreneurship and design to young teens, I believe that the World Zionist Village will generate a hub of creativity that will be a gift to Israel and the south.—Narkis Joffe